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Introducing the Telephone Hybrid-1: the ultimate interface between your standard telephone line and mixing console.


Designed for seamless recording and broadcasting, this device makes it effortless to capture conversations between callers and presenters with pristine clarity.

Engineered with superior internal circuitry, the Hybrid-1 ensures exceptional audio separation for both incoming and outgoing signals.

It efficiently converts two-wire communication into a four-wire system with distinct inputs and outputs, solving common connectivity challenges.

The standout feature of the Hybrid-1 is the Private "TO CALLER" button, allowing you to temporarily disconnect the caller from the broadcast for confidential discussions. Enhance your recording and broadcasting capabilities with the Telephone Hybrid-1—your go-to solution for flawless communication integration.


  • Passive balancing interface: Ensures stable and reliable signal integrity.

  • Output: Provides a balanced mic level at –20dBu for optimal compatibility with a wide range of audio equipment.

  • Input level: Accepts a balanced line level input at 0dBu, allowing seamless integration with professional audio systems.

  • R/C balance: Fully adjustable to tailor the receive and send audio levels to your specific needs.

  • Separation: Achieves more than 30dB of separation between incoming and outgoing signals, ensuring crystal-clear audio quality.

front side

  • C-balance: Potentiometer switch designed for selecting the optimum side tone attenuation, ensuring clear and balanced audio.

  • R-balance: Internal potentiometer for fine-tuning side tone attenuation to achieve the best audio performance.

  • Connect: Easily connect calls to the mixer and disconnect calls from the telephone line without interrupting the phone line connection, ensuring smooth transitions and uninterrupted communication.

back side

Hybrid-1 Back View.png
  • Phone: RJ-11 connector for connecting to a handset.

  • Line (wall): RJ-11 connector for connecting to the public telephone network.

  • To MIC input: Stereo jack output for connecting to the mic input of the mixer.

  • To Cleanfeed output: Stereo jack input for connecting to a Mix Minus/Clean Feed (N-1) output of the mixer.

did you know...

If you need a dual Hybrid-1 in a 19" rack format, our mounting kit makes it simple to combine two 9.5" units into one dual Hybrid that easily fits into a 19" rack.


This providing a streamlined and efficient solution for your audio setup.

Hybrid-1 technical specifications


  • Impedance: 10k Ohm, electronically balanced

  • Common mode rejection: >30dB

  • Maximum input level: +26dBu

  • Nominal input level: +4 dBu

  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 15kHz

  • Connectors: Stereo jack



  • Impedance: < 50 Ohm, electronically balanced

  • Common mode rejection: >30dB

  • Maximum output level: -20dBu

  • Nominal output level: -30dBu

  • Bandwidth to telephone line: 250Hz – 4kHz, -3dB ref 1 kHz

  • Telephone line impedance: Nominally 600 ohm

  • Telephone line impedance Range: 300 ohm to 1500 ohm

  • Connectors: Stereo jack


  • Distortion: Less than 0.1% (0 dBu out)

  • Power supply: None (passive)

  • Power consumption: None

  • Shipping dimensions: 31x26x10cm

  • Weight: 1.2kg

  • EAN code: 7436917139152

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