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GSM Hybrid


Equipped with HD voice, Echo canceling, digital EQ, and application control via USB on your PC, the GSM Hybrid expands your studio's communication possibilities, ensuring clear and reliable connections with your reporters in the field.

With its own dedicated number, reporters can easily dial in, and calls can be seamlessly integrated into your mixing console, thanks to built-in GPIOs.

Included in the package is an external 12-volt power supply adapter for added convenience.

The GSM Hybrid also offers software features such as input and output metering, level control, phone dialing, number recognition, and GSM signal strength indication, ensuring smooth and efficient communication at all times.


  • HD-voice (AMR-WB/G722.2): Ensures high-quality voice communication with advanced codecs for superior sound clarity.

  • Balanced audio in/out: For professional audio connections with balanced inputs and outputs.

  • Echo cancelling: Eliminates echo and ensures clear audio transmission.

  • Digital EQ control: Provides control over audio equalization for optimal sound quality.

  • Configurable AGC: Adjustable Automatic Gain Control for consistent audio levels.

  • PC control application via USB: Easily control and configure the GSM Hybrid using the PC control application via USB.

  • 12 volt DC car battery powered: Ideal for mobile applications, the GSM Hybrid can be powered by a 12-volt DC car battery, making it perfect for areas without landlines and OB vans.

  • Simple GPIO Interfacing with alert on jacks: Easily interface with external devices using GPIOs, with alerts available on jacks.

  • Voice quality improvement over ordinary Hybrids: Provides superior voice quality compared to traditional hybrids.

  • New address book with number recognition: Easily manage contacts with the new address book feature, which includes number recognition.

  • Auto connect: The "GSM Hybrid Control" application automatically connects to the device on start-up or re-connects if the USB connection is lost.

  • Auto answer: The application now automatically picks up the line after one ring signal.

  • Black/white list of numbers under design: Allows you to control which numbers can connect to the GSM Hybrid.

  • All settings stored in internal GSM memory: Settings configured in the application are stored in the internal GSM memory, allowing the GSM Hybrid to work independently in the field without a PC.

  • Fast factory reset: A fast factory reset is possible by holding the CONNECT button for 15 seconds.

  • Redesigned communication with PC based on AIRLITE protocols: Communication between the GSM Hybrid and PC is based on proven AIRLITE communication protocols, ensuring reliability and stability.




NOTE: Existing users wishing to update the GSM Hybrid application software must also download the

            latest firmware from our Wiki page to access all the extra features.

front panel

  • Case: The electronics are housed in a sturdy metal 9.5” rack mount case.

  • Antenna: Both antennas assure you of an uninterrupted connection with the nearest GSM tower.

  • SIM card slot: Insert a standard SIM card, available from your favorite provider, into the slot on the left side of the device. Copper contact area should face downwards, with the cut-off corner positioned at the top left.

  • Connect button (RING): The connect switch allows you to connect and disconnect calls from the GSM network. It can be remotely activated by connecting a switch to the GPI Jack on the back panel.

  • GSM hybrid number: The GSM Hybrid has its own dedicated number, allowing reporters to dial in directly. Calls can be seamlessly integrated into the mixing console due to built-in GPIOs.


​Type of SIM card: Standard

back panel

Power adapter GSM Hybrid
  • Power: The unit is powered by an external power adapter, included inside the box. It requires an External 12 volt 1A adapter.

  • USB connectivity: An included USB 2.0 cable allows you to connect the device to your computer for configuration and dialing through the TFT screen.

  • Back panel connections:

    • USB: This USB connector is used to connect the device to your PC for call operations and configuration.

    • Receive: This male XLR connector outputs the received signal from the caller and should be connected to a line input of a mixing console.

    • Send: This female XLR connector receives audio from a mixing console (Mix/Minus, clean feed (N-1), or Aux) and sends it to the caller.

    • GPO: Jack connector for remote control of a phone signaling device such as D&R's Calllite.

    • GPI: Allows remote control of the Connect switch (Ring/Hook) on the front panel.


  • GSM hybrid control application:

    • GSM Hybrid Control is an application required to configure and control the GSM Hybrid. Input and output levels can be configured in the Settings menu. Making a call can be done with the dial pad window.

    • The application serves as an indicator for SIM card status, call status, and input and output level (PPM) meters.

  • Main window features:

    • The Main window displays the contents of the selected item in the Menu toolbar.

    • You can switch at any time from one view to another by clicking the icons in the Menu toolbar, even if there is an ongoing active call.

  • Call control:

    • The Call Control section contains the 'call' and 'end call' buttons, colored green and red respectively.

    • Pressing the green call button dials the selected number in the dial pad window.

    • Pressing the red button will disconnect any active call or reject an incoming call.

    • Eight small quick call buttons are provided for calling a phone number stored under one of the memory locations 1 to 8.

  • Phone book:

    • The phonebook stores all contact information in a SQLite database, represented as a single file.

    • This database can be copied to other systems for sharing the same phonebook.

    • To add a contact, simply click on the [ADD] button in the Phonebook view.

    • A new window will pop up where you can enter the contact information.

    • Additional in-depth information about the contact can be filled in the additional field.

  • Send meter:

    • The SEND meter indicates the audio level sent to the caller over the GSM network.

    • The meter has a PPM (Peak Program Meter) DIN scale with a fallback of 20dB/1.5sec.

    • The send signal is taken from the SEND XLR input on the rear panel.

    • Your mixing console should create the N-1 (clean feed) for this SEND input.

  • Receive meter:

    • The RECEIVE meter indicates the audio level received from the caller over the GSM network.

    • The meter has a PPM (Peak Program Meter) DIN scale with a fallback of 20dB/1.5sec.

    • The received signal is present at the RECEIVE XLR output on the rear panel.

    • This signal should be fed into a channel on your mixing console.

  • Equalizer:

    • The GSM Hybrid is equipped with a 5-band equalizer.

    • The LOW and HIGH bands are shelving.

    • Each band can select between four different fixed frequencies.

    • The gain can be adjusted from -12dB to +12dB.

    • The three middle bands contain an additional narrow/wide option (Q-factor).

    • In the top screen, a graphical representation of the settings made with the controls can be seen.

just to know...

  • Main studio number:

    • If you need higher audio quality than your regular digital or analog studio hybrids provide, use the GSM Hybrid as your main studio number.

    • Callers with an HD Voice subscription will experience extended bandwidth up to 7kHz, resulting in clear, natural-sounding audio. Give it a try!

  • Mounting kit for dual hybrid:

    • If you need a dual Hybrid in 19" rack format, you can use our mounting kit to combine two 9.5" units into one dual Hybrid.

    • This easily fits into a 19" rack, providing you with a compact and efficient studio setup.

    • You can purchase this mounting kit inside our webshop.

GSM Hybrid technical specifications

  • Line input:

    • Balanced, 20kOhm, +22dBu max

  • Output:

    • Balanced, 50Ohm, +21.5dBu max

  • Frequency response:

    • 50 Hz up to 7000 Hz

  • USB:

    • USB 1.1

  • GPO:

    • Opto Fet 60V/550mA, Pmax=500mW

  • GPI:

    • Pulldown to GND.

    • Tip: Use opto coupler

  • GSM bands:

    • 850/900/1800/1900MHz

  • Antenna:

    • SMA connector

  • SIM card type:

    • Standard (largest one)

  • Dimensions/Weight:

    • Left-Right: 241mm (9.5 inch)

    • Front thickness: 3mm

    • Front to back: 174mm

    • Height: 44mm (1HE)

    • Weight: 2kg

  • Power:

    • Adapter 90-230volt AC 50/60Hz

    • Voltage: 12Vdc

    • Supply Current: Less than 1 Amp

  • EAN code:

    • 7436917139176

GSM bands:

  • FDD LTE: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20

  • UMTS: B1/B5/B8

  • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz


Areas of use:

  1. North American Region (Canada and the US), Caribbean and Latin America. (GSM-850 & PCS-1900)

  2. Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific. (E-GSM-900 & DCS-1800)


GSM certificate approvals: CE/ FCC/ IC/ KC/ NCC/ OFCA/ GCF/ PTCRB/ RCM/ SKT/ AT&T/ Rogers/ ANATEL/ Vodafone/ TA/ NAL/JATE/ TELEC/ DoC_For_Russia




For more detailed information, you can also visit the Wikipedia page.

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