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Product: Aircast 7.20 radio play-out software


The Aircast 7.20 radio play-out software offers you unparalleled flexibility and control. With its customizable playout engine, intuitive interface, multi-tab cartwall, and voice-tracking support, Aircast 7.20 ensures a smooth, professional operation every time.

Equipped with essential radio automation tools as playlist management, cue editing, and comprehensive file logging, it is a powerful yet lightweight software package, making it perfect for small to medium-sized stations.

It works seamlessly with standard PC hardware and virtually any soundcard and its integration with our mixers means you can create a broadcasting setup to your needs.

Price: €.625,00 (standard version)

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Product: AXUM remote control software


Imagine adjusting faders, managing CRM sections, and configuring settings from anywhere in the world.

But it's not just about remote access – AXUM Remote empowers you to expand your studio's capabilities effortlessly.

No additional control surface hardware needed – just add an extra CRM card to the rack for a whole new mixing console at your fingertips.

Fine-tune your studio settings remotely with a simple web browser.

** this software can ONLY be used for the AXUM **

Price: €.295,00

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