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We designed the Airmate-8 to fulfill the requirements for a high grade radio production mixer.

This console is the reliable workhorse for the self-op production D.J. that needs an internal two Telephone Hybrid and USB connection to the PC (e.q. for streaming to the web), and the options of a VoIP or Bluetooth channel and an AES output.

A heavy duty 19" rack mounted RF shielded chassis houses 8 vertical triple input modules giving flexibility rarely found in a mixer of this type.

Six input channels with high quality balanced microphone inputs on XLR and two stereo line level inputs on Cinch (RCA) connectors. Every Mic input has an insert for signal processors. 

And… every line level line B input can be converted into a phono (record player) channel by simply fitting an optional stereo R.I.A.A. equalized phono pre-amp.

It's now also possible to connect our Studio Remote unit

to the Airmate-8 unit.

front panel

The Airmate-8 model has 6 balanced mic inputs with +48 phantom with insert,

12 stereo line inputs, 2 USB and 2 Telephone Hybrids. 

Channel 5 and 6 have Mic/Line and USB interface to transfer audio from and to your PC. 

Channel 7 and 8 have, apart from the stereo line input, also RJ-11 connectors to

interface with a old fashioned POT and a Telephone appliance to dial the number

you want to reach.

High quality built in Hybrids and direct Connection and Talkback buttons in the Hybrid

channels makes a conversation with listeners very easy. 

With the Telco Send (level to the caller) and Telco Gain (level coming from the caller)

all levels can be easy adjusted. 

You can also choose for the option to include VoIP or Bluetooth on channel 7 and 8.

Fader start can be from the ON switch or FADER. Fader start also switches on ON-AIR lights.

There is a 3 band Equalizer on channel 1-6. The stereo Aux send can be set pre or post fader.

All mic inputs have low cut jumpers.

A clean feed send is available for external analog and digital Hybrids.

Front Airmate-USB

back panel

Airmate backpanel

On the back panel you can find two USB connectors to control your USB channels by your computer.

Very simple; your computer will see a new USB device when connecting the Airmate-8 on the moment you connect the unit to your computer.

It's also possible to include VoIP or Bluetooth channel(s) inside the Airmate-8 in stead of the standard POT channels. In that case you will get an USB connector on the place of the RJ11, so you can connect your VoIP channel by your computer with any VoIP software.

All in and output connections are on standard Jack / Cinch and XLR connectors.

XLR connector
RCA connector

all available options inside the Airmate


Its possible to order an digital outputs on your Airmate-8. The master AES/EBU XLR’s will be your digital in and outputs to go fully digital to the transmitter or other broadcast devices connected to the Airmate-8.
There are 2x 3 pin male XLR connectors on the backpanel of the Master, normally providing you with ground compensated balanced analog outputs that give the main program stereo signal. But now these are converted into a balanced digital AES/EBU standardized output signal (XLR male) and... as a bonus you get also the possibility for accepting digital AES/EBU signals on the second XLR (female).

The analog audio signal is always available on the 2 jacks

above the left digital XLR output.

RIAA Pre-Amp

It's also possible to add on all six balanced Mic Input channels (channel 1-6) on your Airmate-8 unit our RIAA pre-amp board. 

This will give you the option to connect the old fashion record player to the mixer, so good old times can come back to live on a new day piece of broadcast equipment.

These board can be purchased also on a later moment inside our radiowebshop and are very simple to connect inside the mixer on one of the boards by yourself.






We also have dedicated VoIP channels available for the Airmate-8 on channel 7 and 8, or a combination of one TELCO module and one VoIP module.


In case of including a VoIP channel, you will get an USB connector on the place of the RJ11, so you can connect your VoIP channel to your computer and use it with any VoIP software available.

Because of the USB connection on the back of the VoIP board, you can also use this channel as a normal USB channel. Within this case you can have 4 USB channels in total on your Airmate.

If you still want to use a classic analogue or digital Hybrid we have designed a cleanfeed output on pin 1-4 of the RJ11 connector.

You can return the Hybrid signal on the line input of the VoIP module. 

It's possible to ad this option inside your mixer on a later moment. For this you can purchase the VoIP board inside our webshop.


It's also possible to choose on Input module 7 and/or 8 a Bluetooth Hybrid module with line input.

This high quality Telephone Hybrid Bluetooth V5.0 circuit connects you directly to a Bluetooth device and accepts Bluetooth calls and play/pause music directly on your Airmate-8 console.

On the back of each Bluetooth Hybrid/Line channel on the Airmate-8 unit (channel 7 & 8), you will find three connectors fot the Bluetooth-Hybrid/Line modules, two unbalanced stereo line RCA Cinch connectors for connecting CD players, iPods or any play-back devices as long as they are line level equipment.

It's possible to ad this option inside your mixer on a later moment. For this you can purchase the Bluetooth board inside our webshop.


The Airmate-8 has the usual stereo faders, stereo Aux send and return, monitor master with "follow phones" and

a phones output with a split control function.

There is a balance control to continuously adjust the volume between main output and stereo Cue signal.

In addition, there is a special Radio On-air/production section featuring:


- self­op switching to automatically cut control room level when the D.J. mic is active.

- a Clean feed output to also drive an external Telephone Hybrid for talk shows and interviews,

  if you need more Hybrid channels than the 2 built in ones.

- a special announcer output that normally follows main output but can be switched so that the main output,

  or any cue signal that is selected, can be heard when in the "follow phones" mode.

A large Talkback switch activates the built-in electret talkback microphone for easy communication with the

Clean-feed output, Aux output and/or Announcer output.



Mic inputs: bal, 2kOhm, XLR. Phantom: 48 volt.

Noise: - 122 dBr (A-weighted).

Sensitivity: - 70dB min, OdB max.

Insert: -10dBv in/out.

Line inputs: unbal., 10kOhm, Cinch.

Gain: range of 40dB.

Phono inputs: unbal. 47kOhm, 5 mV.

2 Track return: - 10 dBV at 10kOhm.

Aux returns: - 10 dBv at 10kOhm stereo



Fully compliant with USB 2.0 playback and record mode.

HID Functions: Volume/Mute


RJ-11 connectors for phone line/dialler

Mix Minus rejection @1kHz -60dB.


Left/Right: + 4 dBu bal. XLR.

Monitor/Aux : + 4dBu unbal. on Cinch.

Cleanfeed/Announcer: + 4dBu, Jacks. Tape outp: -10dBv, unbal. Cinch.

Headphone: 16-600 Ohm, Jack.

Announcer: 16-600 Ohm, Jack.



High: + / -12 dB at 12kHz shelving. Mid: + / -12dB at 1 kHz bell curve.

Low: + / -12dB at 60 Hz bell curve.



AES/EBU digital stereo output and AES digital 2 track input plus existing 

analog outputs on 2 jacks.

RIAA pre-amp on line input B for phono cartridges, 60881597



Frequency response: 10 - 60.000Hz.

Distortion: < 0.009% max at 1 kHz.

Start switch: reed relay.

Ledbars: 21 segment.

Power Consumption: 30VA

Stereo jack connector to internal opto coupler (24volt/50mA max.)

The opto coupler switches between tip and ring of the stereo jack

(So tip is shorted to the ring)



Stereo jack connector to internal opto coupler(24volt/50mA max.)

The opto coupler switches between tip and ring of the stereo jack

(So tip is shorted to the ring)


Left-Right 19" rack mountable. (482mm width)

Front-Back: 356mm (8HE).

Height: 105mm.

Space below front panel: 20mm for table top. Weight: 11 kg.

For Drop through mounting (on top) cut a hole of 452x335mm.

For Drop through mounting (milling) cut a hole of 482x355.15mm.

with a radius of R=20 and a depth of 2mm.










       60890266 AIRMATE-8-USB 2x TELCO
       EAN Code: 7436917138179


             60890271 AIRMATE-8-USB 2x VoIP      
       EAN Code: 7444704135195


       60890240 AIRMATE-8-USB 1xTELCO + 1x VoIP 
       EAN Code: 7444704137120

       60890242 AIRMATE-8-USB 1xTELCO + 1x BLUETOOTH

       EAN Code: 7444704137175

       60890247 AIRMATE-8-USB 2x BLUETOOTH

       EAN Code: 7444704138110

       60890244 AIRMATE-8-USB 1x VoIP + 1x BLUETOOTH

       EAN Code: 7444704137199

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