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Introducing the Telephone Hybrid-2, the advanced active version of our renowned passive hybrid.

This analog unit with digital control incorporates features like ducking, significantly improving intelligibility in broadcasts.


Telephone hybrids bridge the gap between professional audio equipment and the public telephone network, ensuring protection for both your gear and the phone lines while accommodating varying line signals and conditions.

The Hybrid-2 automatically cancels out unwanted signals, enabling clear two-way communication over a single telephone line.


Each unit includes a telephone line connection, a handset connection, and separate connectors for audio input and output from a broadcast mixer or other professional audio sources. Elevate your broadcasting capabilities with the innovative and reliable Telephone Hybrid-2.


  • Active balanced interfacing: Ensures stable and high-quality audio signal transmission.

  • Variable high and low cut filters: Allows precise control over audio frequency ranges for optimal sound clarity.

  • Industry standard connectors: Provides compatibility with a wide range of professional audio equipment.

  • Superb audio separation: Delivers exceptional clarity by maintaining distinct incoming and outgoing audio signals.

  • Externally adjustable R and C balance: Facilitates easy fine-tuning of receive and send audio levels.

  • Remote controllable: Offers convenient operation from a distance.

  • GPIO interfacing with mixing consoles: Enables seamless integration with modern mixing consoles.

  • Auto ducking: Automatically reduces background noise to enhance speech intelligibility during broadcasts.

front side

  • Connect button (RING): Line connect switch to connect and disconnect calls from the telephone line. This function can be remotely controlled by connecting a switch to the GPIO sub D connector.

  • LC: Variable Low Cut filter designed to eliminate unwanted low-frequency noise.

  • HC: Variable High Cut filter to filter out unwanted high-frequency noise.

  • Ducking: Indicates when caller’s signal is reduced.

  • Receive: Level control for incoming signal from caller.

  • Send: Level control for outgoing signal to caller.

back side

Telephone Hybrid-2 Backside freestanding
  • Power: The unit is powered by a removable IEC type power cord. An internal switched power supply is built in to accept voltages between 90V - 245V.

  • Line: RJ-12 connector for connecting to the public telephone network.

  • Phone: RJ-12 connector for connecting to a handset.

  • C-balance: 8-pole mini-dip switch to select the optimum side tone attenuation.

  • R-balance: Internal potentiometer for adjusting the optimum side tone attenuation.

  • GPI: Jack connector for remote control.

  • Audio + GPIO: A combination of audio in/outputs and logic for D&R and other broadcast mixers.

  • Receive: Male XLR connector for connecting to the input of the mixer.

  • Send: Female XLR input for connecting to the Mix Minus/Clean feed (N-1) output of the mixer.

did you know...

If you're looking for higher audio quality, our GSM Hybrid unit offers the perfect solution.

Experience the caller's HD VOICE bandwidth of up to 7kHz with this advanced unit.

Key features:

  • HD-Voice (AMR-WB/G722.2): Enjoy crystal-clear audio with high-definition voice technology.

  • Balanced audio in/out: Ensures stable and high-quality audio signal transmission.

  • Echo cancelling: Eliminates echo for clearer communication.

  • Digital EQ control: Fine-tune audio settings for optimal sound quality.

  • Configurable AGC: Adjust automatic gain control settings to suit your preferences.

  • PC control application via USB: Conveniently control the unit's settings from your computer.

  • 12 Volt DC car battery powered: Ideal for mobile applications and areas without landlines.

  • Ideal for OB vans: Perfect for outside broadcasting applications.

  • Simple GPIO interfacing with alert on jacks: Easily integrate with your existing setup.

  • Voice quality improvement over ordinary hybrids: Enhance your communication experience with superior voice quality.

GSM Hybrid - BIG - Front.png

Hybrid-2 technical specifications


  • Impedance: 10k Ohm, electronically balanced

  • Common mode rejection: >40dB

  • Maximum input level: +26dBu

  • Nominal input level: +4 dBu

  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 15kHz (-3dB variable via HC and LC filters)

  • Connectors: XLR type 3 pin female

  • Gain range (Receive Control): 40dB



  • Impedance: < 50 Ohm, electronically balanced

  • Common mode rejection: >40dB

  • Maximum output level: +26dBu

  • Nominal output level: +4 dBu

  • Bandwidth to telephone line: 250Hz – 4kHz, -3dB ref 1 kHz

  • Telephone line impedance: Nominally 600 ohm

  • Telephone line impedance Range: 300 ohm to 1500 ohm

  • Connectors: XLR type 3 pin male

  • Gain range (Send Control): +6dB to –20dB



  • Output: Balanced line level

  • Input: Line level 0 balanced

  • R/C balance: Fully adjustable

  • Separation: More than 35 dB


  • 1 HE front panel: 482x44mm

  • Shipping dimensions: 53x23x10cm

  • Weight: 3.5 kg incl. packing


EAN CODE: 7436917139169

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