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Return your old D&R product to us so we can recycle all the parts and components in a responsible way.
Our products are designed and built to last forever but sometimes, even after 30/40 years, a product needs repair/service and for that you can contact our service department at
If you want to say goodbye to your D&R forever bring/send it back to us for recycling or in case you do not want to do that bring it to your local recycling company.

Do we offer your old product refurbished to a new customer?
NO, all equipment will be taken apart, data destroyed and send to an official recycling company for re-use of all parts.
Can I offer my equipment in the recycle bin of our local supermarket?
NO, this is only available for small consumer equipment.
If you have questions about recycling your equipment please contact us by the contact button above the page and we will respond asap.
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