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The Webstation is the perfect option for those seeking a modern broadcast mixer without breaking the bank.

With built-in Telephone VoIP functionality, 3 in/out channels of stereo USB, and 2 ultra-low noise Mic inputs, the Webstation offers unmatched versatility for ON-AIR broadcasting, production work, and streaming to the web.

One of its standout features is its ability to instantly control up to 3 in/out stereo channels from your Play-out software, making it incredibly convenient and user-friendly.

The Webstation is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.


  • Six dual inputs for versatile connectivity

  • 2-band EQUALIZER for precise audio control

  • Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems

  • Built-in auto Silence detector for uninterrupted broadcasts

  • 3 USB in/out channels for seamless integration with Play-out software

  • 2 Mic inputs with switchable 48-volt Phantom power

  • Play-out USB control section for up to 12 jingles

  • CRM and Phone outputs for enhanced connectivity

  • Built-in VoIP functionality for easy communication

  • Internal NON STOP switching for uninterrupted production

  • Extra Cleanfeed output for external Hybrids

  • Bi-directional Cue communication bus for seamless interaction

  • Incoming VoIP phone calls visible on screen for easy management

  • Ideal for Production, Voice tracking, and On-Air broadcasting

front panel

Front Webstation

The Webstation mixer is a powerful and versatile solution designed for broadcasters, voice artists, and production studios. Packed with features, it offers unmatched flexibility to meet all your broadcasting needs.

Comprehensive connectivity:

With 2 balanced, phantom-powered mic inputs featuring inserts for voice processors, six stereo line inputs, 3 USB channels, and 1 Telephone VoIP channel, the Webstation provides comprehensive connectivity for all your audio sources.

Seamless integration:

Connectivity is seamless with the Webstation mixer. If you need to connect an analog phone line, the Cleanfeed output can be easily connected to an external Hybrid, ensuring compatibility with your existing setup.

Efficient USB integration:

With only one physical USB connection, the Webstation mixer serves as the interface for transferring 3 stereo audio channels, along with the VoIP signal, from and to your PC. Plus, it includes all data from the control section and the software meter application, simplifying your setup and workflow.

Superior sound quality:

The Webstation mixer features a very musical 2-band equalizer, high-quality low-noise mic inputs with built-in low-cut filters, and software-switchable phantom powering onboard, ensuring pristine sound quality at all times.


Back panel Webstation


  • XLR connectors for microphones.

  • Cinch connectors for line-level input sources and outputs.

  • Jack MIC ON connector to activate your ON-AIR light.

  • USB connector for interfacing with your play-out software.

  • Power supply connector.

Power supply:

The Webstation is powered by an internal low-noise heavy-duty switched-mode power supply. It accepts AC voltages between 85 volts and 264 volts, ensuring reliable performance in any broadcasting environment.

The power supply features a standard Euroconnector with fuse on the back of the frame.

Control surface mounting:

The control surface of the Webstation can be easily mounted inside furniture as a drop-through unit, providing a sleek and professional look to your broadcasting setup.


All input and output connections are conveniently made using standard Jack/Cinch and XLR connectors, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of audio equipment.

the channels

front webstation-mic

MIC line

  1. Internal USB voice tracking bus:

    • The Webstation features an internal USB voice tracking bus that can be directly routed to a play-out system with voice tracking capabilities, streamlining your broadcasting workflow.

  2. Low-noise Mic input with equalizer:

    • Enjoy pristine sound quality with the Webstation's very low-noise mic input, followed by a 2-band equalizer. This drives a smooth-running fader that controls a stereo VCA, ensuring precise control without any noisy faders.

  3. Electronically detected faderstart:

    • Faderstart is electronically detected by the fader, guaranteeing seamless transitions between tracks and audio sources.

  4. Non-stop mode for continuous production:

    • The Webstation can also be used for production while ON-AIR when it is put into NON-STOP mode. The NON-STOP switch routes the first USB channel (3) directly to the main outputs, ensuring uninterrupted broadcasting. This happens automatically when the internal silence detector detects silence.

  5. CUE switch for communication:

    • The CUE switch doubles as a communication system, allowing easy interaction with callers from outside the studio.

front webstation-usb


  1. Versatile USB channels:

    • Every Webstation USB Channel can accept a stereo source from a play-out system, providing seamless integration with your broadcasting setup.

  2. Gain control for precise level adjustment:

    • Levels can be easily set using the gain control, ensuring optimal audio quality for your broadcast.

  3. Pre-listening and track activation:

    • Pre-listening can be done using the CUE switch, while the ON switch can activate tracks of the Play-out system. This can also be achieved using "faderstart" functionality.

  4. CUE communication bus:

    • The CUE doubles as a communication bus, allowing callers on the VoIP channel to listen to the music and DJ when its CUE is activated, without being on-air.

  5. USB stereo in- and outputs:

    • The Webstation features three USB stereo inputs and outputs, providing flexibility and convenience for your broadcasting needs.

  6. Internal routing and non-stop switch:

    • Inputs are internally routed to channel 3 to 5, with the USB input of channel three also routed to the NON-STOP switch when activated, ensuring uninterrupted broadcasting.

  7. USB outputs for program and voice track:

    • The USB outputs, recognized as inputs on your PC, are connected to the Program output and Voice track bus, ensuring seamless integration with your broadcasting software.

front webstation-voip


  1. Dedicated VoIP channel:

    • Channel 6 of the Webstation mixer is a dedicated Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) channel, allowing seamless integration with applications like SKYPE.

  2. Versatile controls:

    • The Webstation mixer features a separate Gain control and VoIP send control, allowing you to adjust the send and return levels with precision.

  3. Effortless call management:

    • Incoming calls can be easily managed using the Conn button. Pre-listen to calls using the CUE switch and seamlessly bring them into your radio show using the ON switch and/or Fader.

  4. Compatibility with telephone hybrids:

    • If you prefer to use an analog or digital telephone hybrid, the Webstation mixer includes an extra cleanfeed output on the back of the console. This allows you to feed an external hybrid and return the signal into the line input of your VoIP channel, ensuring seamless integration with your preferred telephone setup.

  5. Routing DJ mic to caller:

    • The DJ Mic can be routed to the caller outside the broadcast by activating the CUE switch in both the Mic and VoIP input modules, ensuring clear communication with callers during your broadcast.

front webstation_mstr

Control section

  1. Control section with illuminated switches:

    • In the control section of the Webstation mixer, you'll find 12 illuminated (green/red) switches. These switches can be used to control functions in your Radio Automation Software, such as starting jingles or recording a voice track while ON-AIR.

  2. Customizable USB control software:

    • The USB control software can be easily programmed to make radio even more exciting. Any switch can perform a function of your play-out software, giving you complete control over your broadcasting setup.

  3. Phones and crm controls:

    • The control section includes dedicated controls for Phones and CRM, ensuring seamless communication and management of calls during your broadcast.

  4. Auto cue functionality:

    • Activate the Auto Cue for CRM, and any selected CUE can be heard. When the DJ mic opens, the CRM mutes automatically to avoid feedback, but only if CRM auto Cue (auto deactivate) is set to ON.

  5. Non-stop mode for continuous production:

    • The NON-STOP switch instantly routes the first USB stereo signal (channel 3) to the master outputs, making the mixer available for (pre)production again without interruption.


Webstation ConfigMicScreenshot

The master section of the Webstation offers various options to fine-tune the mixer to your specific needs.

And the best part? It's all customizable within our free downloadable software, available on our Wiki-page.

Stay up-to-date:

With our software, you'll always have access to the latest up-to-date version, ensuring that your Webstation is equipped with the latest features and improvements.

Fine-tune your settings:

Customize your settings to perfection with options to adjust Silence Detection parameters such as Threshold, Interval time, and source.

Personalize your experience:

Personalize your experience by programming switch colors to your liking. You can even set the CUE bus to behave interlocking, automatically switching off the previously selected CUE when a new one is selected.

Unlock hidden functionality:

Don't let the simple layout fool you - beneath the front panel, there's a world of functionality designed to make your life as a DJ easier. Our modules can be easily programmed to your personal preferences, allowing you to activate specific mixing desk functions directly from the software.

Complete control at your fingertips:

Each of the 6 modules has its own page, where you can program Cue reset enabled by Mic, Line, USB, Fader, On, Fader + On. The MIC-ON bus, used for your ON-AIR light, can be enabled by Mic, Line, or USB.

metering software

The Webstation sends out control signals over USB, utilizing the HID protocol. This allows for seamless integration with your broadcasting setup. Plus, with our free downloadable software, you can take control to the next level.


Enhanced control:

With the Webstation, you can display master output signals on a TFT screen (not supplied) using a beautiful meter application. Program and CRM stereo signals are shown on a high-resolution Peak Program Meter, providing you with accurate and detailed feedback on your broadcast levels.

Stay informed:

Stay informed with indicators for NON-STOP mode, Silence detection, Mic-On, and CRM mute. Channel status and input selection are conveniently displayed at the bottom of the TFT screen (not supplied), ensuring that you always have the information you need at your fingertips.

Professional radio lock:

The software application also includes a professional-looking Radio clock that is synchronized with your local PC and an NTP time server, keeping you on track and on time for every broadcast.

MetersScreenshot webstation

Apple OSX compatible

play-out software

that supports the control section of the Webstation

aircast logo-200px.gif


enco logo.png


aeron studio logo zonder teksteffect .jp


mairlist logo199x45.jpg


station playlist logo.png

Station Playlist

myriad-5 logo.jpg

Myriad 5






Power Studio

omniplayer logo.png

Omni Player

play-out software - freeware

that can work with our keyboardmapper

zara logo.jpg

Zara Studio




Radio DJ

D&R Keyboardmapper

makes your freeware play-out software work with the Webstation



remote studio solutions





  • Mic input:

    • Type: Balanced

    • Impedance: 2 kOhm

    • Connector: XLR

    • Phantom Power: 48V

  • Noise level:

    • A-weighted: -128 dBr

  • Sensitivity:

    • Minimum: -70 dB

    • Maximum: 0 dB

  • Insert:

    • Type: Unbalanced

    • Impedance: 10 kOhm

    • Level: -10 dBV

  • Line inputs:

    • Type: Unbalanced

    • Impedance: 10 kOhm

    • Connector: Cinch

  • Gain:

    • Range: 40 dB

  • USB:

    • Compatibility: Fully compliant with USB 2.0

    • Mode: Playback and Record

    • Inputs: 3x Stereo

    • Outputs: 3x Stereo


Additional Features:

  • Frequency response:

    • Range: 10 Hz - 60,000 Hz

  • Distortion:

    • Maximum: < 0.01% at 1 kHz

  • GPO/Mic ON:

    • Type: Opto FETS

    • Voltage: 24V

    • Maximum Current: 50 mA

  • LED bars:

    • Display: Software Meter Application


  • Left/Right:

    • Level: 0 dBu unbalanced

    • Connector: Cinch

  • CRM:

    • Level: 0 dBu unbalanced

    • Connector: Cinch

  • Headphone:

    • Impedance: 32-400 Ohm

    • Connector: Jack

  • USB out:

    • Channels: Program/Voice Track/VoIP



  • High:

    • Frequency: 12 kHz

    • Adjustment Range: + / -12 dB

    • Type: Shelving

  • Low:

    • Frequency: 60 Hz

    • Adjustment Range: + / -12 dB

    • Type: Shelving




A software program is included in the delivery for programming the Control section. The Webstation Virtual Keyboard Mapper allows for easy configuration of the control section and internal mixer settings.


  • Width (Left-Right): 350 mm

  • Depth (Front-Back): 315 mm

  • Height: Adjustable from 30 mm to 90 mm

  • Front Panel Thickness: 2 mm

  • Radius Corners: 20 mm

  • Weight: 8 kg

  • Drop Through Hole: 320 x 295 mm



EAN Code: 7436917138155

all about prices?, click on the link below.

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