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AIRCAST v.7.20

Elevate your radio broadcasting experience with Aircast 7.20. It offers a customizable playout engine, user-friendly interface, multi-tab cartwall, and voice-tracking support for seamless operation.

Equipped with essential tools for radio automation, including playlist management, cue editing, and comprehensive file logging, Aircast 7.20 ensures smooth and professional broadcasts every time.

Despite its power, Aircast 7.20 remains light-weight and efficient, suitable for small and medium-sized stations, whether terrestrial or internet-based. Designed for flexibility and compatibility, it works seamlessly with standard PC hardware and virtually any soundcard.


Its smooth integration with our mixers ensures a great broadcasting setup tailored to your specific requirements. 


Key components:

  • Playlist, Cartwall, Cue Editor, Mix Editor: Essential tools for efficient radio automation.

  • Events, Screen objects, File logging: Robust features for managing and tracking broadcast elements.


Playback and logging:

  • Stream/Line-in playback: Seamlessly integrate external audio sources.

  • Special playlist items: Customizable playlist elements for dynamic broadcasts.

  • Layout/skin customization: Personalize the user interface for optimal workflow.

  • HTTP/SQL logging: Advanced logging capabilities for detailed tracking.


Audio processing:

  • Voice tracking, Mixdown, Scripting: Enhance and automate your broadcasts with ease.

  • Built-in Shoutcast/Icecast compatible streaming encoder: Direct streaming capabilities.

  • VST, Winamp DSP support: Integrate with popular audio processing plugins.


Database and scheduling:

  • Standalone/local mode database and scheduling: Comprehensive music scheduling and database management.

  • Ad scheduler: Integrate advertisements with voice tracking and log import from third-party schedulers.

  • Unified configuration interface for Network/SQL databases: Simplify database management.



  • Flexible licensing: Use one STD-DB license as the server and multiple STD (non-DB) or VT licenses as clients.


Remote control and integration:

  • Hotkeys, Gamepad/Joystick, IO-Warrior, MIDI, Velleman: Multiple control options for versatile operation.

  • Remote control for digital broadcast mixers (MambaNet): Enhanced mixer integration.


User interface and audio routing:

  • Redesigned playlist GUI: Improved user experience.

  • WASAPI default audio output method: Modern and efficient audio handling.

  • DirectSound support: Available in "application level mixing" mode with higher latency.

  • Live skin editing: Customize the interface in real-time.

  • Improved audio routing configuration: Enhanced identification, testing, and repair functions for device changes.


Built-in tools:

  • Sine wave and pink noise generator: For testing and setup.

  • System log: Automatic archiving and built-in viewer.


Database enhancements:

  • User and group management: Centralized management for local and SQL databases.

  • New "Inbox" button: Automated audio file import and management.

  • Advertising manual blocks: Schedule ads with specific date, hour, and block settings.

  • Auto-repair function in storage sync: Ensures database integrity.

  • Optimized SQL queries: Improved performance and efficiency.

  • Database schema update: Now version 25.


Additional features:

  • New item type: Automatic File Container: Simplifies file management.

  • New screen object: Web Browser: Requires Edge and WebView2 runtimes.

  • Sound processing on soundcard level: Enhanced audio control.

  • Redesigned progress dialogs: Improved user feedback.

  • ASIO channel configuration: Simplified setup.

  • Updated libraries: BASSmix and Virtual Treeview 7.6.1 for better performance.

  • Re-implemented IOWarrior and Ember+ Consumer Remote Control: Based on hidapi.dll for robust operation.

why Aircast...


Aircast 7.20 is the ultimate solution for radio automation, featuring a reliable and fully customizable playout engine. It supports both automation and live assist modes, making it versatile for various broadcasting needs.

The skinnable user interface is touch-screen friendly and includes a multi-tab cartwall for easy audio content management.

With built-in voice-tracking support, you can seamlessly integrate pre-recorded segments into your live broadcasts.

Aircast 7.20 also includes essential tools such as a Playlist, Cartwall, Cue Editor, Mix Editor, events management, screen objects, and file logging.

Standard features like voice tracking, mixdown, and scripting ensure a complete and efficient broadcasting experience.


Database and Scheduling

Manage your audio files and playlist logs effortlessly with Aircast Database, the built-in, network-enabled audio library available in the STD-DB version.

It includes built-in music scheduling capabilities and supports playlist imports from various third-party scheduling software.

This comprehensive database and scheduling system ensures your broadcasts are always well-organized and streamlined.


Studio Integration

Aircast 7.20 offers various built-in remote control options, including hotkeys, gamepad/joystick, I/O warrior, MIDI, and Velleman, ensuring perfect integration with your professional studio equipment.

Direct control of many functions via D&R's own remote control protocol is also built-in, providing seamless interaction with your studio hardware.



The built-in streaming encoder in Aircast 7.20 supports Shoutcast and Icecast servers, even on server hardware without physical audio devices.

This allows for flexible streaming options across different platforms. Additionally, Winamp and VST plugins can be utilized for advanced sound processing.

With the Multi Instance option, you can run multiple playouts from a single machine, maximizing efficiency and functionality.

Aircast 7.20 is designed to meet the demands of modern radio broadcasting, providing powerful tools for playout, database management, studio integration, and streaming.

Enhance your broadcasting capabilities with Aircast 7.20, the comprehensive solution for small and medium-sized radio stations.


aircast options

Aircast offers versatile licensing packages tailored to different broadcasting needs.

The AIRCAST-STD package is ideal for single users managing their local music database, while the AIRCAST-STD-DB package serves as a server version, enabling multiple users to connect and access the shared database.

The AIRCAST-VT package is perfect for remote voice tracking, allowing users to log on and work from any location.

Choose the package that best suits your broadcasting requirements and enhance your radio automation experience with Aircast.


  • Single user license: This package provides a license for one user.

  • Local music database creation: The user can create and manage a music database locally on their own PC.

  • Database access: The user can log onto a PC with an Aircast STD-DB license to access the music stored on that PC.



  • Server version: Includes all the functionality of the STD package.

  • Database connectivity: This is the server version of Aircast, allowing other STD licenses to connect to its database. It also supports VT licenses, enabling seamless database access and management for multiple users.


AIRCAST-VT package

  • Remote voice tracking: This package allows users to perform voice tracking remotely.

  • Database access: Users can log onto an Aircast STD-DB license from anywhere (LAN/WAN), facilitating remote collaboration and broadcasting.

basic playout



  • Single user license: This package provides a license for one user.

  • Local music database creation: The user can create and manage a music database locally on their own PC.

  • Database access: The user can log onto a PC with an Aircast STD-DB license to access the music stored on that PC.



  • Server version: Includes all the functionality of the STD package.

  • Database connectivity: This is the server version of Aircast, allowing other STD licenses to connect to its database. It also supports VT licenses, enabling seamless database access and management for multiple users.


AIRCAST-VT package

  • Remote voice tracking: This package allows users to perform voice tracking remotely.

  • Database access: Users can log onto an Aircast STD-DB license from anywhere (LAN/WAN), facilitating remote collaboration and broadcasting.

main screen

Stream and line-in rebroadcast

Aircast allows you to rebroadcast Shoutcast/Icecast streams or any audio signal from your sound card’s line input using the “Stream” and “Live Feed” playlist items. This flexibility enables seamless integration of various audio sources into your broadcast.


Special playlist items

Beyond standard audio files, Aircast supports special playlist items such as dummy items and containers. Dummy items are non-playable and can include texts or notes, useful for scripting or show notes. Containers are virtual items that can hold multiple other items, ideal for organizing ad breaks with several spots.


HTTP and SQL logging

Aircast provides advanced logging options, allowing you to send information about played items to an HTTP or SQL server in real time. This feature is perfect for displaying recently played songs on your website. Additionally, if you’re running a Shoutcast or Icecast server, Aircast can update the server’s title information, even without using mAirList’s internal encoder.


Skinning and custom layout

The visual appearance of the playout window can be fully customized. You can adjust the size, position, and look of all elements through skin and layout files. The integrated Layout Designer simplifies this process, enabling you to move objects around to create the perfect setup for your needs.

Aircast main screen



Flexible and unlimited playback

The Aircast Cartwall is an essential tool for playing short jingles or other audio elements during your broadcast. With a technically unlimited number of players and slots, you can load as many audio elements as you need without any restrictions.


Efficient organization

Cart pages can be saved as favorites and quickly reopened as new tabs, allowing for efficient organization and rapid access to frequently used audio elements. This feature streamlines your workflow and ensures that your favorite jingles and audio clips are always just a click away.


Customizable design

Within the tabs, the Design Mode enables you to rearrange and resize items freely, allowing you to tailor the layout to your specific needs. You can also customize colors for easier identification and access, making the cartwall intuitive and user-friendly.


Touchscreen-friendly interface

The cartwall is designed with touchscreen functionality in mind, enhancing its ease of use in modern studio environments. It can be displayed as part of the main Aircast window or as a separate window, potentially on another monitor. This flexibility allows you to optimize your workspace and improve your broadcast efficiency.

cue editor


Graphical cue editor

Aircast’s graphical Cue Editor allows for precise editing of cue markers (such as ramp and fade out) using a waveform image of the audio. This intuitive interface enables quick adjustments and ensures that your audio transitions are flawless.

Cue markers can be saved to file tags (for supported formats) or metadata XML files for future use.


Broad sound card compatibility

Aircast is compatible with any DirectSound, WASAPI, or ASIO sound card, including virtual sound cards like Axia Livewire and Dante Virtual Soundcard.

This flexibility eliminates the need for expensive pro audio hardware, as even budget sound cards work seamlessly.

All audio connections, such as player outputs, can be freely routed to the available soundcard inputs/outputs, allowing for versatile audio management.


Multi-channel audio support

Aircast supports the use of stereo outputs from most multichannel sound cards, including inexpensive onboard 5.1 cards.

It also enables the playback of multi-channel audio formats like 4.0, 5.1, and 7.1, ensuring a rich audio experience for your broadcasts.


Powerful audio engine

Built around the reliable BASS audio library, Aircast’s audio engine supports a wide range of audio formats, including MP3, MP2, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, and WMA. Additional formats like FLAC or Opus can be added through free BASS add-ons.

This compatibility ensures that Aircast works with your existing audio library without requiring you to recode any files, allowing you to mix different file types as needed.

mix editor

Aircast mixeditor

Mix editor

The Mix Editor in Aircast allows for seamless segues between audio items using a multichannel waveform view.

It supports volume envelopes, making it ideal for voice tracking.

This tool is accessible in both the playout module and the Aircast-DB Management application, providing flexibility in editing and ensuring smooth transitions in your broadcasts.


Event scheduler

With the Event Scheduler, you can automate your broadcasts by scheduling actions at specific times.

This feature allows you to insert news items or load playlists from the Aircast-DB, facilitating the creation of a fully automated program. It’s perfect for maintaining a consistent broadcast schedule with minimal manual intervention.


Custom screen objects

Enhance the functionality of the main window with a variety of customizable screen objects.

These include date/time displays, countdowns, and buttons that trigger specific commands or actions.

This customization ensures that the interface meets your specific needs and improves operational efficiency.


Log file output

Aircast allows you to create detailed log files of all played items in any customizable format.

This feature is essential for maintaining accurate records of your broadcasts, which can be used for reporting and analysis.


Multi-language GUI

Aircast comes with a default English GUI and includes an official German language file.

Additionally, other translations such as French are maintained by the community, making Aircast accessible to a broader range of users.

voice tracking

Aircast Voicetrack

Voice track recorder

The Voice Track Recorder in Aircast is seamlessly integrated into both the playout GUI and the database playlist editor.

This allows you to record and insert voice tracks directly into any future playlist with ease.

You can enhance your broadcasts by adding personalized commentary and announcements, ensuring your content is engaging and timely.


Advanced playout - Level 2: Voice tracking

With Aircast’s advanced playout capabilities, the integrated Voice Track Recorder allows you to record new voice tracks directly from the playout GUI.

You can effortlessly add these recordings to the current playlist, ensuring a smooth and professional broadcast.

This feature is ideal for live assist scenarios where real-time updates and interactions are essential.


Mixdown function

Aircast’s mixdown function is a powerful tool that enables you to create a single, cohesive audio file from a sequence of audio files. This includes tracks recorded with the Voice Track Recorder.

The mixdown respects the segues defined in the Mix Editor or Cue Editor, ensuring that transitions are accurate to the sample. This feature is perfect for producing pre-recorded shows or segments that maintain the highest quality standards.

available packages

AIRCAST-7.20-STD Package

The AIRCAST-7.20-STD package is your entry point into professional radio automation. Ideal for standalone applications, it includes all the essential features you need, such as Voice Tracking, to create seamless broadcasts.


                                                          Price: €.625

AIRCAST-7.20-STD-DB Package

Enhance your setup with the AIRCAST-7.20-STD-DB package, which includes the basic software along with a Database server application.

This allows for networked applications where multiple STD (non-DB) or VT licenses can be used as clients within a LAN or WAN environment, enabling collaborative and efficient workflows.


                                                         Price: €.775


AIRCAST-7.20-VT Management License + Voice Track Package

For additional workstations needing access to AircastDB, such as office or production PCs, the AIRCAST-7.20-VT Management License + Voice Track package is perfect.

It requires an AIRCAST-7.1-STD-DB license running on the main playout computer and provides management and voice tracking capabilities to multiple workstations.


                                                          Price: €.260

more of Aircast...

Built-in music scheduling

Aircast-DB boasts a robust Mini Scheduler, crafting random playlists or music logs based on customizable hour templates.

With a two-phase scheduling approach, clocks and music templates can be defined separately and freely combined.

Generated playlists can be reviewed and edited through the Playlist Editor, offering flexibility and control over your broadcast content. For fully automated systems, the Event Scheduler in the playout module provides just-in-time scheduling.


Third-party databases

Aircast's flexible database layer allows seamless integration with third-party databases, including popular options like iTunes. With AircastScript, you can access SQL databases, XML files, or web services, expanding compatibility and enhancing functionality.


Advanced database and advertising scheduling

Aircast-DB features a simple ad scheduling function, enabling scheduled playback of spots according to configurable day/hour/block grids. The system supports an unlimited number of blocks per hour, providing versatile advertising scheduling options. Additionally, you can import logs from third-party software or combine internal and external scheduling for tailored solutions.


Music log import

Aircast supports various import filters for external music scheduling solutions, such as MusicMaster and Powergold.

Imported music can seamlessly integrate with content scheduled by Aircast's Mini Scheduler, ensuring smooth operation and continuity in your broadcasts.


Playlist editor

The Playlist Editor allows for the creation and management of playlists, offering detailed control over daily programming. Playlists can be saved and scheduled for playback.



Utilize AircastScript to extend the functionality of the software, enabling custom automation and integration with external systems. With AircastScript, you can automate tasks, manipulate playlists, and interact with remote control devices.


Streaming encoder

Aircast includes a versatile streaming encoder, broadcasting audio output to Shoutcast or Icecast compatible streaming servers. Direct broadcast is supported, even for systems without built-in audio hardware.

Multiple servers can be targeted simultaneously, and external DSP plugins can be integrated for enhanced audio processing capabilities.


Database and scheduling

Aircast-DB serves as the SQL-based database backend for managing your audio library and music schedules.

While optional, Aircast-DB significantly enhances the functionality of Aircast, offering centralized management and advanced scheduling features.


Audio library

Aircast-DB scans and registers audio files from designated folders, storing metadata such as artist/title information and cue markers. These folders form the basis for the Mini Scheduler's music scheduling function, facilitating seamless integration into your broadcast workflow.

system requirements

Aircast is designed to seamlessly integrate into any standard PC environment running Microsoft Windows. Compatible with a range of Windows operating systems, including XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and Windows Server (2008 or above), Aircast ensures broad accessibility and usability.

System requirements

  • Aircast operates on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms, offering flexibility and compatibility.

  • On Windows Server, installation of the Desktop Experience Feature is required to access the necessary codecs for MP3 playback. However, Windows Desktop OS already includes these codecs through Windows Media Player.

  • Aircast imposes minimal performance demands on your PC, making efficient use of system resources. On a current i5 CPU, Aircast typically consumes only 2-3% CPU (excluding encoders and sound processing) and less than 50 MB RAM. The base setup requires just about 30 MB of disk space (excluding database and caches), ensuring efficient resource utilization.


Audio hardware compatibility

  • With extensive support for various audio APIs (DirectSound, WASAPI, ASIO), Aircast is compatible with virtually any Windows-compatible soundcard. While most setups require no additional configuration, some advanced settings may need adjustment in Aircast's audio configuration or driver settings for optimal performance.

  • Aircast's versatility extends to fully automated encoder-only instances, where no audio hardware is required. This enables direct streaming to Shoutcast/Icecast servers, making it suitable for datacenter servers. While virtual machines can be utilized, physical hardware is preferred for optimal performance. However, virtual machines will function adequately if the Windows real-time clock is properly configured.

For seamless integration and optimal performance, we recommend testing compatibility between Aircast and your existing audio hardware using our demo version.


upgrade of your current Aircast license

Our upgrade policy is designed to accommodate users at various stages of ownership, providing a seamless transition to newer versions.

Free upgrades

  • If you've purchased the software package within the last 3 months, you're eligible for a complimentary upgrade to version 7.20. Enjoy access to the latest features and enhancements at no additional cost.


Paid upgrades

  • For users with software packages older than 3 months, we offer a convenient upgrade path to version 7.20. You can upgrade for 50% of the retail value of the Aircast 7.20-STD package, ensuring affordability and access to the latest advancements.


How to upgrade

  • To initiate the upgrade process, simply reach out to your authorized dealer or directly contact us. We'll guide you through the upgrade procedure, ensuring a smooth transition to the latest version of Aircast.



Stay up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements by taking advantage of our upgrade policy.

Upgrade to Aircast 7.20 today and elevate your broadcasting experience.

direct access and integration with our consoles

Unlock seamless control and integration between Aircast and our range of broadcast consoles.

With direct access to key functions, you can enhance your broadcasting workflow and streamline operations.


  • 12 Control switches + encoder

    • ON (USB channels only)

    • CUE (USB channels only)

    • Faderstart (USB channels only)



  • 16 Control switches

    • ON

    • CUE

    • Faderstart

    • Source Select

    • ON-AIR 1/2

    • CUE reset



  • 24 Control switches + encoder

    • ON (USB channels only)

    • CUE (USB channels only)

    • Faderstart (USB channels only)



  • Faderstarts

  • 24 Control switches + encoder (If Control module is present)



  • Faderstarts

  • 24 Control Switches + encoder (If Control module is present)

Aircast packages details

AIRCAST-7.20-STD Package

  • Article No.: 60890290

  • EAN: 7436917140127

AIRCAST-7.20-STD-DB Package

  • Article No.: 60890293

  • EAN: 7436917140134

AIRCAST-7.20-VT Management License + Voice Track Package

  • Article No.: 60890292

  • EAN: 7436917140141

Upgrade to AIRCAST-7.20-STD

  • Article No.: 60890289

  • EAN: 7444704136147

Upgrade to AIRCAST-7.20-STD-DB

  • Article No.: 60890287

  • EAN: 7444704136154

Upgrade to AIRCAST-7.20-STD to AIRCAST-7.20-STD-DB

  • Article No.: 60890288

  • EAN: 7444704136161

Upgrade to AIRCAST-6.00-VT to AIRCAST-7.20-VT

  • Article No.: 60890294

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