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Upgrade your radio station with the Airence-USB mixer, a modern, split-version radio production mixer designed to meet all your broadcasting needs.

Featuring an integrated USB-based control section, this smart mixer is built with well-proven low-noise circuitry, making it the ideal split console for self-op production DJs.

With built-in Telephone Hybrids (2x), 4 channels USB, and 4 Mic inputs, the Airence-USB mixer is ideal for streaming to the web and seamlessly sending and accepting 4 stereo channels from your Play-out software.

Its heavy-duty (19" rack) RF-shielded chassis is designed to drop seamlessly into your furniture, housing all vertically mounted input modules with K-Alps faders.

Looking to expand your setup? Extension units with six triple input channels, featuring high-end quality Mic inputs on XLR and two stereo line-level inputs on Cinch (RCA) connectors, can be easily connected to the main unit.

Experience the future of radio broadcasting with the Airence-USB modern split drop-through 12 (or 18/24) fader radio console that sets the standard for quality and innovation.

If you purchased your unit before 2022 (version 9 or lower), please note that it cannot be combined with units purchased after 01-01-2022 (version 10).

A critical internal change in the power supply (from 36v to 12v) has been implemented. Attempting to connect an old unit to a new one will result in severe damage to your equipment.

Please ensure that you are using compatible units to avoid any potential damage. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact our technical support team for assistance.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


  • Unlimited inputs: Enjoy the flexibility of unlimited input channels for your broadcasting needs.

  • Split version design: The Airence-USB mixer features a split version design for enhanced functionality and ease of use.

  • Program and sub busses: Utilize program and sub busses for efficient audio management.

  • Integrated USB control section: Take advantage of the built-in USB control section for seamless integration with your computer.

  • Multiple outputs: Includes studio, announcer, and phones outputs for versatile audio routing.

  • Bi-directional cue communication buss: Stay connected with bi-directional cue communication.

  • Built-in hybrid channels: Choose between two hybrid channels, with optional VoIP functionality.

  • Internal non-stop switching: Experience uninterrupted performance with internal non-stop switching technology.

  • 12V power adapter included: Comes with a 12V power adapter for convenient power supply.

  • Cross-platform compatibility: Works seamlessly with both Windows and Apple's OSX operating systems.

  • Extra: Studio Remote unit (optional)

front panel

Front Airence
  • 4 balanced mic inputs: Each with +48 phantom power (standard) and inserts for signal processors.

  • 6 stereo line inputs: Offering versatility in your audio setup.

  • 4 USB channels: Seamlessly integrate with your PC for efficient audio management.

  • 2 telephone hybrids: VoIP channels available (*option).

  • Fader start functionality: Generates Mic-on signaling in Mic mode, activating ON-Air lights.

  • 3-band equalizer: Available on channels 1-4 and on all 6 Triple input channels of the Extender Unit.

  • Stereo aux send: Can be set pre or post fader for enhanced control over your audio.

  • Low cut jumpers: All high-quality, low-noise mic inputs feature low-cut jumpers.

  • Integrated USB connection: One physical USB connection interfaces 4 stereo audio channels to and from your PC, along with all programmable remote controls on the left-hand section of the mixer.

  • Programmable illuminated switches: 24 illuminated switches (green/red or yellow) can control functions in your Radio Automation, including starting jingle machines, switching between live and non-stop, and recording a voice track while ON-AIR.

  • Mechanical fader start: The illuminated front panel ON switch is electronically attached to the built-in mechanical fader start, enabling selection of a play-out start either by fader or via the ON switch.

back panel

Backpanel Airence

On the back panel of the Airence Main unit, you'll find:

  • Power supply input: A 5-pin XLR connector is provided. You also have the option to connect a second redundant power supply using the additional 5-pin XLR located above the original power input.

  • AES output option: The AES output option can be realized with the 3-pin XLR on the master section.


If you choose to add the AES output option later:

  • Purchase the AES Output option from our webshop (only for SMD produced printed board versions).

  • You can easily install this printed board yourself inside the unit. A small installation manual will be included with your purchase.

  • USB connector: Control your 4 USB channels and the Control Panel with your computer via the USB connector. Simply connect the Airence Main unit to your computer, and your computer will detect it as a new USB device.

  • Configuration software: Further configuration can be done using the configuration software, which you can download for free from our Wiki page.


When using the Extender unit:

  • Easily connect both units using the 15-pin Sub-D cable included in the Extender device package.

  • Please note, both units must be powered OFF by connecting them to each other.


All input and output connections are on standard Jack, Cinch, and XLR connectors for your convenience.

extender unit

If you need more inputs, the Airence-EXT(ender) unit is the perfect solution.

Instantly expand your setup with 6 additional triple inputs, each providing you with a low-noise Mic and 2 stereo line inputs under your control.

  • Phono pre-amp option: Line level B can be converted into a Phono pre-amp by adding the optional RIAA preamp. You can order this option with your initial purchase or later from our Webshop.

  • Expandability: You can install as many Airence Extender units as needed to your Airence Main unit.

  • Easy onnection: All units are easily connected using the included 15-pin Sub-D connector cable and individual 12V power adapters.



Important Safety Note:

For safety reasons, always switch OFF your console before connecting a new Extender unit to your Airence Main unit.

For more information or assistance, feel free to contact our support team.

Front airence mic-line
Backpanel Airence



You have the option to order the Airence-USB main unit with built-in VoIP channels on position 5 and/or 6, or even a combination of 1x Telco and 1x VoIP.

Telco/VoIP channel 5 and 6 feature:

  • RJ-11 connectors to interface with an analog telephone line and a common dial unit.

  • Apart from the stereo line input, they also include RJ-11 connectors.

  • In case a VoIP module is installed, one of the RJ-11 connectors is replaced by 1x USB connector. The other RJ-11 connector has a clean-feed signal on pin 1 and 4.


Both analog high-quality built-in hybrids with R and C balance have:

  • Direct Talk back to the Hybrid channels, making conversation with callers very easy.

This is also possible when VoIP modules are built in. Simply pushing the Cue button enables conversation between the DJ and the caller outside the broadcast.


If you choose to add the VoIP board later:

  • Purchase the VoIP board from our Webshop.

  • You can easily install it yourself. A small instruction manual will be included.


Please note:

  • The VoIP option can only be used inside Airence Main units with SMD-component made printed boards inside.

Digital output (AES)

Master Airence main

You have the option to order an optional digital AES output for your Airence Main unit.

  • AES output connector: In some versions of the Airence Main, we use the second redundant power supply connector for this purpose. In the current new versions, there is a third 3-pole XLR connector located to the left of the redundant 5-pole connector.


This option provides digital input and output, allowing you to go fully digital to the transmitter or other broadcast devices connected to the Airence Main.


Default AES settings:

  • Headroom:

    • With jumper: -20dBFS

    • Without jumper: -9dBFS

  • Sample Rate:

    • With jumper: 48kHz

    • Without jumper: 96kHz


If you choose to add the AES output option later:

  • Purchase the AES output option from our Webshop.

  • You can easily install it yourself.


For the best experience, we recommend mentioning this option when you purchase the Airence Main unit from one of our partners. This allows us to integrate it into the production process for you.


Please note:

  • The AES Output option can only be used inside Airence Main units with SMD-component made printed boards inside.

RIAA pre-amp

You have the option to add our RIAA pre-amp board to all six channels of your Airence Extender unit.

This upgrade allows you to:

  • Connect old-fashioned record players to the mixer, bringing back the good old times on your modern broadcast equipment.


These boards can be purchased from our Webshop and are simple to connect inside the mixer on one of the boards by yourself.


Please note:

  • These RIAA pre-amp boards can only be used inside the Extender unit of the Airence, NOT inside the Main unit.

power supply

Every Airence unit, Main and Extender, is individually powered by a 12V switched-mode power supply.

For added reliability, a power supply redundancy option is available for the Main unit.

This option includes an additional power input connector.

AIRLITE power supply

metering software 

airence screenshot

The Airence sends out control signals over USB, based on the HID protocol.

This enables:

  • Display of main output signals on a TFT screen using a beautiful meter application.

  • High-resolution PPM display of both Program and Sub stereo signals.

  • A smaller separate stereo meter on the right-hand side of the meter application shows all signals heard through the CRM speakers.












Additionally, the software application provides:

  • A professional-looking Radio clock synchronized with your local PC.

  • A software program, Airence Virtual Keyboard Mapper, is included for programming the Control section.


All software can be downloaded from our Wiki-page, where we always include the latest up-to-date versions.


The Airence-USB is designed to be the focal point for local radio production work, whether in the studio or at home. Its understandable features make it the ideal companion for rapid on-the-spot radio programs.

  • Compact and reliable: The Airence is compact, reliable, and designed for 19" rack mounting, making it ideal for production rooms. It can also double as an On-Air mixer or be implemented as your own Internet Radio station.

  • Budget-friendly: Start with the 6-channel version, which is a complete system to begin with.


And here's the best part:

  • Future-proof design: The Airence never becomes obsolete. It can be used as a pre-production mixer. Later, if you decide to upgrade to a larger On-Air mixer, the Airence can still be used. Need more inputs? Simply hook up the Airence-Extender unit, and instantly you have 6 more triple inputs. Not enough? Buy another 6-channel unit to expand to 18 or even more input channels.


For further information or assistance, please contact our support team.

play-out software

that supports the control section of the Airence

aircast logo-200px.gif


enco logo.png


aeron studio logo zonder teksteffect .jp


mairlist logo199x45.jpg


station playlist logo.png

Station Playlist

myriad-5 logo.jpg

Myriad 5






Power Studio

omniplayer logo.png

Omni Player

play-out software - freeware

that can work with our keyboardmapper

zara logo.jpg

Zara Studio




Radio DJ

D&R Keyboardmapper

makes your freeware play-out software work with the Airence



remote studio solutions



Airence technical specifications


  • Mic inputs:

    • Balanced, 2 kOhm, XLR.

    • +48 volt Phantom.

    • Noise: -128 dBr (A-weighted).

    • Sensitivity: -70dB min, 0dB Max.

  • Insert:

    • Jack unbalanced send 600 Ohm -10dBV.

    • Aux Return unbalanced 10kOhm -10dBv.

  • Line inputs:

    • Unbalanced, 10kOhm, Cinch.

    • Gain range of 40dB.

  • Phono inputs (optional):

    • Unbalanced, 47kOhm, 5 mV.

  • USB:

    • Fully compliant with USB 2.0 playback and record mode.

    • 4x Stereo in and 4x stereo out.

    • HID Functions: Volume|Mute|Control.

  • External inputs:

    • -10 dBV at 10kOhm.

  • Aux returns:

    • -10 dBv at 10kOhm stereo.



  • RJ-11 connectors for phone line/dialler.

  • Mix Minus rejection @1kHz -40dB.



  • If you have opted for VoIP channels, a USB connector is placed in the lower RJ-11 position.

  • The other RJ-11 provides you with a cleanfeed signal on pin 1+4 or a ring signaling control.



  • Left/right:

    • +6dBu bal. XLR.

  • Monitor/aux:

    • +6dBu unbal. on Cinch.

  • Studio:

    • +6dBu, Jacks.

    • Tape output: -10dBv.

  • Headphone:

    • 32-600 Ohm, Jack.

  • Announcer:

    • 32-600 Ohm, Jack.

  • USB out:

    • Main program stereo signal or SUB.



  • AES digital output (mounted in redundant power supply hole).

  • VoIP

  • RIAA pre-amp

  • Studio Remote unit



  • High: + / -12 dB at 12kHz shelving.

  • Mid: + / -12dB at 1 kHz bell curve.

  • Low: + / -12dB at 60 Hz shelving.


Main unit:

  • Width: 482mm

  • Front Panel Thickness: 2mm

  • Corner Radius: 20mm

  • Height: 355mm

  • Depth: 101.50mm

  • Weight: 9kg

  • Drop through hole: 450mm x 344mm

  • Furniture top panel thickness maximum: 22mm


Extension unit:

  • Width: 302mm

  • Front Panel Thickness: 2mm

  • Corner Radius: 20mm

  • Height: 355mm

  • Depth: 101.50mm

  • Weight: 7kg

  • Drop through hole: 270mm x 344mm

  • Furniture top panel thickness maximum: 22mm









AIRENCE-USB MAIN with 2xTelco:

EAN Code: 7436917138186


EAN Code: 7444704136123

AIRENCE-USB MAIN with 1xTelco + 1xVoIP:

EAN Code: 7444704137168

Note: Every Airence Main unit built after May 2018 can run with Apple's OSX. For older units, a small printed board is required for Mac compatibility.


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