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Camcon Visual Radio is the newest product within our range of studio products.

Now it's possible to create Visual Radio during your live broadcast with the help of the CamCon trigger unit and its software.

The combination of the Camcon, its VRC application software and OBS is all you need.

The 4 channel Camcon trigger unit can be connected (hardwired) in series with up to 4  microphones to control our VRC software that can switch scenes in OBS (freeware).

In this way Visual Radio can be streamed over the Internet together with your audio. The perfect way to make your station visible to the listener.

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By using the Camcon unit, it is possible to trigger/switch scenes automatically, depending on who is talking.

The Camcon application software measures microphone levels and sends these over an USB link to your PC where Visual Radio Control software runs.

OBS (freeware) uses real audio devices connected as triggers. The Triggerbox/Camcon is very simple to use.

The Visual Radio Control (VRC software) connects the scenes from the Broadcasting Software to channels on the Camcon Visual Radio device.
With metering and the MicOn information that the Camcon provides to the Visual Radio Control (VRC) software it is possible to make decisions which scene needs to be active at a given moment.

Settings like Priority, Hold time and Activation delay can be set to suit your needs.


Be aware that the most optimal situation is that the trigger unit Camcon also receives fader position information from the mixer by way of connecting the mixer GPO to the Camcon GPI jack, which tells Camcon the fader is up or down.

It solves the problem that the camera does NOT  switch when somebody talks when his/her fader is down.
All D&R mixers have GPO connectors.

front side

The gain for the level measurement can be done on the front panel with one single push switch. NOTE, This has no influence on the Mic XLR signal and is only for internal measurement.

All XLR Mic inputs are hardwired  to their corresponding XLR outputs. 


back side

The inputs and outputs are placed in series with the microphone and the mixing console.

Therefore each channel will have an XLR input and an XLR output that also acts as a thru connector.

The USB connector needs to be wired to the PC.

GPI and GPO have various extra possiblities to control signals or receive trigger info per microphone.


software VRC > OBS > vMix

The Camcon needs to be used with the Camcon Control (CCS) Software and Visual Radio Control (VRC) software.

Both software packages can be downloaded from our website when installing the CamCom hardware. 

This VRC software will process the Camcon data to control the camera's connected to OBS (free open source software)

The final signal flow will be: MIC > CAMCON > VRC > OBS.

The Camcon can add 4 Camera's to any mixing console.

Before you install Visual Radio Control (VRC) software it is important to install the Camcom application software first and also the OBS freeware.
Only then the VRC software can link to both applications and then it will work as intended.

At this moment Camcon / Visual Radio Control has only support for OBS Studio.

Until the moment we launch our own interface between VRC and vMix you already can use vMix by following below procedure.

Setup OBS Studio to output to a network video stream.
Configure this stream with little to no compression and little to no output buffering.
This to reduce any additional unwanted latency.

Now setup OBS Studio to control the camera's that are needed and setup Visual Radio Control as normal.

Configure vMix to pick up the network video stream that OBS Studio creates.

OBS tools plugin

OBS websocket server

Visual Radio Control (VRC)

VRC logo
Dialog box Edit scene

- Adding a scene

- Editing scenes

- Modifying scenes

- Remove scenes

- Scene properties

- Name scenes

- Source audio

- Source MicOn

- Threshold metering

- Scheduling priority

- Activation delay

More scenes

More scenes

Dialog box Edit scene

connection with our broadcast mixers

It's possible to let the Camcon Unit work with your Webstation, Airlite MK2 , Airmate USB, Airence USB, Airlab-DT, AXITE, AXUM or any other mixing console.

To make this happen we have created  the Visual Radio Control (VRC) software.

VRC logo
Schema Camcon
Schema Camcon - Airence Main



Front Left-Right : 482 mm
Frame left right : 430mm
Front-Back : 175 mm
Height : 44 mm. (1HE)
Front panel thickness : 2 mm
Radius Corners : 20 mm
Weight : 5 kg.


Article no. 60898519

EAN: 7444704138134

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