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AXUM remote control

In today's fast-paced world, flexibility is key.

With AXUM remote software, you're not tied to your studio desk anymore.

Imagine controlling your studio's hardware interface from anywhere in the world, whether it's adjusting faders, managing CRM sections, or configuring settings.

But it's not just about remote access. The AXUM remote software  empowers you to expand your studio's capabilities effortlessly.

No need for additional control surface hardware – just add an extra CRM card to the rack, and you've got a whole new mixing console at your fingertips.

With AXUM Remote, you can fine-tune your studio settings remotely using a simple web browser.

It's all about convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Upgrade your studio experience with AXUM Remote today and take control like never before.

** this software can only to be used with your hardware AXUM-IP digital studio platform **


  • Remote configuration: Easily adjust settings via HTTP and TCP/IP, providing unparalleled convenience and accessibility.

  • Remote control: Utilize MambaNet for seamless control over UDP/IP and TCP/IP, ensuring smooth operation from any location.

  • Expand your setup: Effortlessly create an additional mixing console without investing in extra hardware, maximizing your studio's capabilities.

  • Utilize all inputs: Harness the power of virtual mixing consoles, utilizing all existing inputs for enhanced versatility and functionality.

  • Advanced security: Benefit from an advanced security system, ensuring your setup remains protected at all times.

  • IP-based communication: Enjoy streamlined communication through IP-based protocols, facilitating efficient data transfer and management.

  • Standardized cabling: Simplify installation with standardized RJ45 cabling, including shielded options for optimal audio connections.

  • Custom labeling: Print module labels for easy identification and potential customization, ensuring seamless integration with your setup.

  • Real-time control: Experience real-time control over your studio environment, empowering you to make instant adjustments with precision.

  • User database: Maintain a comprehensive user database for secure and personalized identification, enhancing operational efficiency and security.

virtual modules

axum install-cs-disconnect
  • Instant activation: Activate any switch in real-time with a simple click, with color indicators confirming the function's activation for clear feedback.

  • Seamless fader adjustment: Reposition faders effortlessly by clicking on the fader knob and dragging it to the desired position. The studio fader will mirror the adjustment, ensuring local visual control is always maintained.

  • Visual feedback: Monitor studio activity in real-time, with any adjustments made, such as fading down, instantly reflected on the PC screen for enhanced visibility.

  • Encoder control: Take command of encoders with ease by clicking on the +/- signs adjacent to the encoder knob, adjusting settings precisely to your preference.

  • CRM section integration: Enjoy seamless functionality with all CRM section features mirroring their real-world counterparts. Control level pots by clicking and dragging the knob to the desired position, ensuring precise adjustments.

  • Enhanced security: Access advanced features securely by clicking near the Chipcard connector location, triggering a popup menu prompting for username and password authentication.

virtual modules processing channel

  • LCD display and switches: At the top, the LCD screen and four switches enable effortless navigation and selection between modules and sources, enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Phantom, Pad, and Gain: Control essential functions such as Phantom power, Pad, and Gain with ease, ensuring optimal audio processing.

  • Presets and functionality: Access preset configurations swiftly via dedicated switches, streamlining workflow and enhancing productivity.

  • DSP control: Fine-tune audio with precision using controls for Phase, MONO mode, Insert activation, and Low Cut frequency adjustment, offering flexibility in sound shaping.

  • Graphical EQ adjustment: Activate the EQ section and adjust frequency responses graphically, empowering users to tailor audio output to their preferences with ease.

  • Voice processing: Effortlessly adjust parameters within the Voice processing section, optimizing voice clarity and tonal balance for superior audio quality.

  • Pan pot and EQ options: Customize stereo imaging with the Pan Pot control, while the switch between 4-band and 6-band EQ configurations offers versatility in equalization.

  • Fader control: Adjust channel volume seamlessly using the fader control, ensuring smooth transitions and precise level management.

  • Metering and Bus assignment: Monitor channel and phase levels with precision through comprehensive metering capabilities, while flexible bus assignment options allow for seamless integration into complex audio setups.

axum install-super module-u7342

control communication

Mambanet Logo

Unlock the full potential of the AXUM digital studio platform with seamless integration via MambaNet,

offering unparalleled flexibility and control.

Key MambaNet definitions:

  • Objects: Every fader and switch on the control surface corresponds to an action within the AXUM system. These elements are referred to as "objects" within the MambaNet framework, facilitating intuitive control.

  • Nodes: Hardware components such as faders and switches are organized into modular blocks, each represented as a "node" in MambaNet. These nodes serve as the building blocks for configuring control surfaces.

  • Engine: The core functionality of the AXUM platform resides within the mixing console, acting as the "engine" that drives the system. Functions within the engine can be seamlessly linked to objects across the network, enabling comprehensive control.




With MambaNet integration, you have the freedom to map any surface element – from switches to faders – to the desired function on your mixing console.

This empowers you to design and customize your control surface functionality according to your unique requirements, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

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