Change in our Airence split unit mixer


Time does not stand still, and so do the developments in technical components.

This can sometimes have an effect on our products.

For example, we now had to make the choice on our Airence split unit to switch to a different type of power supply.

Due to this choice, all Airence Main units, but also the Airence Extender units that we produce from 2022, will be equipped with a different power supply board and adapter.

In practice that means that a combination between an Airence Main or Extender unit, purchased BEFORE 2022, can no longer function together with the Airence Main or Extender units that we will put into production from 2022.

If you, as an end user, have an Airence Main unit that has been purchased before 2022 and want to expand this unit with a new Airence Extender unit, then the Airence Main unit must be fitted with a new power supply board and adapter.

This also applies if you want to connect a new Airence Main unit to an earlier than 2022 purchased Airence Extender unit.

For questions you can of course always contact our dealers or us via the "contact" button at the top of our website.

All the best for 2022


The entire D&R team wishes all users of our products, our loyal sales partners and our suppliers all the best for the new year 2022. We hope that everyone will experience beautiful positive surprising moments within this year.


Stay save and broadcast the sound.

New prices within 2022


The past year has been one of many challenges - for everyone.

D&R has worked very hard to keep the supply of products going when faced with a quickly changing supply situation and despite the huge delivery times of chips and sky high prices we still can supply our products to you.

But we need more time due to high demand for our products and slow supply of parts to us.

To stay in business the next 50 years :-) we unfortunately have to adjust our prices.

A really dramatic price increase of chips and even the higher costs of our metal housings forces us to raise our prices. Shipping costs have dramatically increased and if you have been following recent events, this will not come as a surprise, but it is now unavoidable to adjust our prices, we can no longer absorp them in 2022

Most of our products have changed relatively little, 
mostly +5 to + 8% increase overall.

The new prices you can find in the header of our homepage under the button "Miscellenious".


Take care form all of us here.

The last months of 2021


Just a little while and then we will also say goodbye to the year 2021. The last two months of the year are always busy days in our production process. Everyone would like to have their product(s) at home before the holidays, but this will not always be feasible, partly due to the current COVID-19 situation.

In any case, we are doing everything we can to serve as many dealers/people as possible in these last days of 2021.

We thank everyone in advance for their patience.

No paper manuals anymore at our analog mixers


As a company, we also want to be able to do more and more for a cleaner environment and save on things that are actually unnecessary in these days..

That is why we have decided to stop adding paper user manuals to our analog mixers.

We will continue to add the quick start manual, but this will contain an extra short explanation where you can download your user manual yourself in a very easy and clear way on our website.

In addition to the manual, you can find more useful links per product on this page, so if you want to take a look at it already, you are more than welcome to visit the "user manual" page by the link at the bottom of our home page, or by the "support" button at the top of the home page.

Airlite MKII version now available


We are proud to announce that we are now producing our latest version of the popular Airlite mixer. The Airlite MKII has undergone a number of changes both on the inside and the outside, making the mixer ready to accompany many beautiful broadcasts in the coming years.

End of Life for our Lyra IP system


After many years, our digital Lyra system has officially come to an end. Of course we will have service parts available in the coming years to provide the current systems in the market in a good way. Thanks to everyone who has put their trust in our Lyra system over the years.

Longer delivery times due COVID-19


Due to the COVID measures and the lockdown period in various countries, there has been a large increase in the number of orders for our products. Partly due to the increasingly difficult to obtain components that we use in our products, the delivery time of our mixers has unfortunately increased to 6-8 weeks. Of course we try to deliver to all our dealers as quickly as possible, but at the moment we cannot guarantee the delivery times given by our dealers. As a future user of one of our products, we therefore ask for your patience.